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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

fliXposed remembers... 2013 in Memoriam

2013 was a year of loss for movie fans of all ages, with the deaths of classic stars such as Esther Williams and Joan Fontaine, and more younger stars such as Cory Montieth and Paul Walker.

fliXposed looks back at 2013, and remembers those who sadly passed throughout the year...

The Top 10 greatest losses of 2013 (for me personally)

#1. Esther Williams (1921-2013)

For me the greatest loss of the year was the Million Dollar Mermaid herself, Esther Williams. Williams continues to dazzle moviegoers worldwide with her underwater ballet sequences in her many MGM film appearances.

Esther Williams in the classic musical 'Million Dollar Mermaid'

The dazzling Esther Williams

#2. Joan Fontaine (1917-2013)

Coming in a close second is the brilliant Joan Fontaine. Fontaine is the sister of actress Olivia de Havilland (who is still alive at 97) and will always be remembered for her classic performances in "Rebecca" (1940) and "Suspicion" (1941).

The beautiful Joan Fontaine

#3. Peter O'Toole (1932-2013)

Best remembered for his roles in "Laurence of Arabia" (1962) and "My Favorite Year" (1982), the world lost one of the greatest British actors to ever appear on the silver screen with the death of Peter O'Toole.

Peter O'Toole in 'Lawrence of Arabia' (1962)

#4. Jeanne Cooper (1928-2013)

Jeanne Cooper will always be remembered for playing Katharine Chanceller on the TV soap opera "The Young and the Restless". I was in the Hollywood at the time of her death, and it was a personally moving experience seeing the multitude of floral tributes and candle vigils placed upon Cooper's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

#5. Deanna Durbin (1921-2013) - Singing actress, who sadly retired at a very young age

#6. Eileen Brennan (1932-2013) - Actress who to me will always be remembered as Mrs. Peacock in 'Clue' (1985)

#7. Eleanor Parker (1922-2013) - actress, best known for playing The Baroness in 'The Sound of Music' (1965)

#8. Jean Stapleton (1923-2013) - actress, who starred in the classic TV sitcom "All In The Family"

#9. Karen Black (1939-2013) - Actress

#10. Jonathan Winters (1925-2013) - Actor and comedian

Other notable losses (this is not an exhaustive list)

Frank Thornton (actor)

Nelson Mandela (activist/humanist)

James Gandolfini

Patty Andrews (singer/actress) - the last surviving Andrews Sister

Jane Henson (Muppeteer) - wife of the late Jim Henson, creator of The Muppets

Julie Harris (actress)

Ray Harryhausen (visual effects pioneer)

Annette Funicello (actress / Mouseketeer)

Cory Monteith (actor)

Paul Walker (actor)

Margaret Pell (actress / 'Wizard of Oz' Munchkin) - one of the last surviving Munchkins from 'The Wizard of Oz'

Michael Ansara (actor) - played the Blue Djinn in 'I Dream of Jeannie'

Andy Williams (singer)

John Kerr (actor)

Chrissy Amphlett (Australian singer)

Bern Stern (photographer/director)

Dennis Farina (actor)

Roger Ebert (film critic)