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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Woman of Affairs (1928) - Star of the month... Greta Garbo

'A Woman of Affairs' is a 1928 silent drama directed by Clarence Brown and starring Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Lewis Stone, Johnny Mack Brown and Hobart Bosworth.

Based on the 1924 play, 'The Green Hat' by Michael Arlen, the screenplay was written by Bess Meredyth was all character names changed to appease the censors, following controversy surrounding the original play

Childhood sweethearts Diana Merrick (played by Garbo) and Neville Holderness (played by Gilbert) plan to marry, however are prevented from doing so by Neville's disapproving father, Sir. Morton Holderness (played by Bosworth). As a result Diana marries David Furness (played by Brown), so is the best friend of her brother, Jeffry Merrick (played by Fairbanks).

Did you know...

  • This was Greta Garbo's fourteenth film, her seventh in Hollywood, her second directed by Clarence Brown and her third with John Gilbert - this would be her first of seven films with Lewis Stone
  • MGM remade the film in 1934 as 'Outcast Lady' starring Constance Bennett
  • One of the top 20 box office hits of 1929, the film grossed US$1,370,000 over it's US$383,000 budget
  • Anita Louise appears uncredited as Diana as a Child

Award nominations

  • Academy Award nomination for Best Writing

Closing remarks

A rather entertaining silent soap opera, and in my opinion one of Greta Garbo's best silent films. It is also an early example of film depicting the concept of money not buying happiness. It is a shame this is one of few Garbo films not yet released on DVD

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