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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Burke's Law: Who Killed Harris Crown? (1963) - Star of the month... Juliet Prowse

"Who Killed Harris Crown?" is episode #1.04 of television series "Burke's Law" (1963), first airing 11 October 1963.

"Burke's Law" stars Gene Barry as Capt. Amos Burke, Gary Conway as Det. Tim Tilson, Regis Toomey as Det. Les Hart and Leon Lontoc as Harry. The episode was produced by Aaron Spelling.

The episode guest stars Juliet Prowse, Eva Gabor, Joan Blondell, Barbara Eden, Lola Albright, Gene Nelson, Don Rickles, Ruth Roman and Charles Lane.

Capt. Amos Burke from Homicide (played by Gene Barry) informs Angel Crown (played by Juliet Prowse) her husband, Harris Crown has been killed in a car crash. determining whether it was an accident or not.

Among the suspects are Shirley Mills (played by Lola Albright), Rich Mason (played by Gene Nelson), Lily Bentley (played by Eva Gabor), Marnie Lee (played by Barbara Eden), Elinor Albrick (played Ruth Roman), Lou Kronkeit (played by Don Rickles),  and Dr. Lusk (played by Charles Lane).

Good murder mystery keeps you guessing, and we even get an exciting police chase scene when the murderer attempts to flee from the police.

**Note -
Juliet Prowse also guest starred in episode #2.10 of "Burke's Law" called "Who Killed the Tall One in the Middle?" (playing a different character) - I was unable to find this episode online to view and blog

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