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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Good evening world, and welcome to my first fliXposed Blog...

My name is John Aron Sambuco, and I'm from Melbourne, Australia. 
I have an abnormal obsession with film (known as cinephilia). In fact, I had originally intended to name this blog Cinephiliac, however it was already being used by a fellow cinephile. After some reflection and consultation (thanks, Gianni), I settled on fliXposed. A combination of the words "flick" and "exposed".

This blog was born two days ago while I was having lunch with my friend Daniel, who suggested "maybe you should start a film blog". I immediately dismissed the idea, thinking no one would be interested in reading it. But the more I thought about it, the more logical and right the idea sounded. Even if no one else reads this blog, I figure I can write this for myself, and use it as a vehicle to capture my thoughts (before I forget them). 

So here I am, sitting behind my MacBook (feeling like Carrie Bradshaw in an episode of 'Sex and the City') writing my first blog post. 

Do you have a Mission Statement?
The purpose of this blog is to Inform, Educate, Entertain and Inspire people from around the world to better appreciate the art of cinema. It is my hope that my passion for film will infect others and spread the cinephilia epidemic on a much larger scale.

Are you qualified to blog about film?
I hope so...
  • I have a Bachelor's degree from LaTrobe University majoring in Cinema Studies
  • I have an insanely broad and eclectic taste in film
  • I worship vintage movie stars as if they were saints
  • I enjoy films dating back to the 1920s up to the present day
  • I also enjoy International and art house film

Which films are in scope? 
Pretty much everything!! Although... 

I will primarily focus on classic and important contemporary film from around the world (note the use of the adjective, "important"). From time to time, there may be references to a recent Hollywood blockbuster, but this is to be seen as an exception, rather than the rule.

Why have you chosen to avoid recent Hollywood blockbusters?
The primary role of an educator is to expand the horizon's of their students, and expose (or in my case fliXpose) them to new concepts and ideas.
If you'd like to read about recent Hollywood blockbusters, there are many other blogs and websites already designed to do this. 

I'm interested in exploring different kinds of film - where do I begin?
For anyone wishing to experience the best in what the legacy of film can offer, I strongly recommend watching films which have been released by the Criterion Collection
A complete list of films the Criterion Collection has released on DVD/Blu-ray is available here

What will I write about in my blog?
I envisage my blog posts will fall into one of the following categories...
  • Star of the Month - every month I will select a specific movie star, and set myself a challenge to watch as many films as possible featuring this individual
  • Spotlight on... - Each month I will select a specific theme, and make a selection of films to watch corresponding to this theme
  • Star birthdays - on an ad hoc basis, I will select specific individuals who are celebrating birthdays (or who would have been celebrating their birthdays if they were still alive), and watch a film (or 2, or 3), showcasing their unique star quality
  • Film theory/commentary - from time to time I will write a blog commenting on film theory, and demonstrate the integration of theory into practice
  • Other films - As I watch films, I may write a short commentary articulating my thoughts 
Anyway, I'm about to head to the gym.

Tune in next time when my blog post will discuss the disorder of cinephilia...

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