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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Andy Hardy's Double Life - Star birthday... Susan Peters

Star birthday... Susan Peters

Susan Peters was born in Spokane, Washington on 3 July 1921. Susan started in Hollywood by reading with actors in their screen tests. Before long, she impressed studio executives, who began to cast her in films. In 1945 her emerging career was cut short while she was duck hunting with her husband. A rifle discharged, with the bullet lodged in her spinal cord, paralysing her from the waist down.
Susan began to suffer depression and anorexia nervosa, developing kidney disease and pneumonia. Her health continued to deteriorate until her early death at age 31 on 23 October 1951.

Although not a huge star, fliXposed pays tribute to Susan Peters on what would have been her 92nd birthday with her role in 'Andy Hardy's Double Life (1942).

Recommended viewing

  • Tish (1942)
  • Random Harvest (1942)
  • Andy Hardy's Double Life (1942)
  • Assignment in Brittany (1943)
  • Song of Russia (1943)
  • The Sign of the Ram (1948)

Andy Hardy's Double Life

Andy Hardy's Double Life is the 14th instalment in the 17 Andy Hardy films.

The entire family is back: Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone, Fay HoldenCecilia Parker, Sara Haden and Ann Rutherford. The film is notable for marking the screen debut of Esther Williams.
Andy Hardy and Sheila Brooks by the pool

This entry in the Andy Hardy series is actioned packed from start to finish...
After Andy Hardy (played by Rooney) sends a $20 cheque to get his new car delivered from New York, he runs into some trouble when his friends don't give him $20 they owe him.  The next day Polly Benefict (played by Rutherford) invites Andy over for a swim, where he meets Polly's beautiful friend Sheila Brooks (played by Williams). Polly and Sheila conspire to get Andy to propose to both of them before he leaves for college. On top of all this, Judge Hardy (played by Stone) wants to escort Andy to college, and take him on a tour of the campus.

'Andy Hardy's Double Life' marks Ann Rutherford's final appearance in the Andy Hardy series.

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