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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Chandler (1971) - Star birthday... Leslie Caron

Star birthday... Leslie Caron

Leslie Caron in a publicity still for 'Gigi'
Leslie Caron was born in France on 1 July 1931, and began her career as a ballerina. She was discovered by film legend Gene Kelly, who brought her to Hollywood and cast her in 'An American in Paris' (1951), making her an International star overnight. 

She is one of few classic Hollywood stars who are still active in their profession, appearing in the 2011 short film 'L'age Parfait'.

Recommended viewing

Chandler (1971)

"Chandler, there's a dead body in my room"

Warren Oates and Leslie Caron
'Chandler' is a 1971 spy crime film starring Warren Oates and Leslie Caron, with Mitch Ryan and Gloria Grahame in a small role as Selma.

Hardboiled detective Chandler (played by Oates) is hired to watch and protect a missing government witness, who happens to be beautiful French woman, Katherine Creighton (played by Caron). Chandler becomes a dead man walking as he and Katherine learn no one can be trusted, not even the government.

Closing remarks

Sadly the film is very slow and dull. It pretty much goes nowhere, and the most exciting part of the film is at the 85 minute mark, when it finishes. The film is so bad, the director later apologized for it, and alleged he was denied access to the editing process, where it was recut without his permission, adding in scenes he intended to delete, and removing others. 

The concept of the film was good, and with a better script could have become a popular film franchise. 

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