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Saturday, 1 December 2012

The House I Live In (1945) - Star of the month... Frank Sinatra

"Do you know what this wonderful country is made of? It's made up of a hundred different kinds of people, and a hundred different ways of taking, and a hundred different ways of going to church. But they're all American ways." - Frank Sinatra (as himself in 'The House I Live In')

'The House I Live In' is a 1945 short film starring Frank Sinatra, and produced by Frank Ross & Mervyn LeRoy.

Frank Sinatra (as himself) teaches a group of young boys about religious tolerance in America's diverse population. He uses the bombing of Pearl Harbor and how it is an example of Americans from different religions working together to achieve an outcome.

Musical program

  • "If You Are But A Dream" - Frank Sinatra
  • "The House I Live In" - Frank Sinatra
  • "America the Beautiful" (Instrumental)

Watch the complete short film:

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