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Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Shining Future (1944) - Star of the month... Frank Sinatra

'The Shining Future' is a 1944 musical short film directed by LeRoy Prince and starring Olive Blakeney, Jack Carson, Benny Goodman and his Orchestra, Bing Crosby, Deanna Durbin, Cary Grant, Jimmie Lydon, Irene Manning, Herbert Marshall, Dennis Morgan, Harold Peary (Great Gildersleeve), Charles Ruggles and Frank Sinatra.  The short was produced by Jack L. Warner.

The short film consists of the following components:
  • Herbert Marshall takes us through an "imaginative glimpse" into the future world of 1960, and into the living room the Ames family, who watch an archive film hosted by Jack Carson
  • Frank Sinatra sings "There'll Be a Hot Time in the Town of Berlin"
  • Dennis Morgan & Irene Manning sing "One Alone" as a duet
  • Cary Grant reads a letter written by a Canadian soldier who was killed in action
  • Deanna Durbin sings "Begin the Beguine"
  • Benny Goodman and his Orchestra play "Sing, Sing, Sing" - featuring Harry James on trumpet and Gene Krupa on drums
  • Bing Crosby sings "Get on the Road to Victory"
  • The short closes with footage of the frontline at war
This film is world war II propoganda to encourage moviegoers to purchase war bonds. It uses the concept of the future, to demonstrate the growth of war bonds with long-term investment. For example, in 1960 Mr. Ames plans to use his war bonds as a down payment for Danny's college education. Sadly Danny's friend Joe will not be able to go to college as his parents didn't keep their war bonds.

Overall, good entertainment with a handful of memorable stars. The imaginative look into the future is amusing, although I think they were a little optimistic at how advanced the world would be. In today's world, (over 50 years later) we are still not as advanced as the world the Ames lives in - we are yet to innovate flying cars or have our own personal rocket ships.

Watch the full short film here:

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