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Thursday, 2 August 2012

For Me & My Gal - Star of the month... Gene Kelly

"You put your left foot out and you break it back... And that's what we call ballin' the jack" - Gene Kelly & Judy Garland (as Harry Palmer & Jo Hayden in 'For Me & My Gal')

'For Me and My Gal' is a 1942 musical starring Judy Garland, George Murphy and Gene Kelly. It was Gene Kelly's first film and the first of several films Judy and Gene made together. Produced by Arthur Freed and directed by Busby Berkeley, the film was written by Richard Sherman, Fred F. Finklehoffe and Sid Silvers, and is based on a story by Howard Emmett Rogers.

'For Me and My Gal' was inspired by the true story of vaudevillians Harry Palmer and Jo Hayden, when Palmer was drafted into World War I.

Jo Hayden (played by Garland) and Harry Palmer (played by Kelly) plans to play at the Palace Theatre on Broadway are crushed when Palmer is drafted into World War I. To delay his service, Palmer deliberately smashes his hand in a trunk, which leaves his hand permanently injured

Musical numbers

The film features a number of well known songs such as "By The Sea", "When You Wore a Tulip", "Ballin' the Jack" and the title song.

Song: "Ballin the Jack" - Gene Kelly & Judy Garland

Song: "After You've Gone" - Judy Garland

Song: "For Me And My Gal" - Gene Kelly & Judy Garland

Song: "When You Wore a Tulip" - Gene Kelly & Judy Garland

Did you know...

  • This was Gene Kelly's first full length feature film - he had previously appeared on Broadway in 'Pal Joey', and choreographer for 'Best Foot Forward'
  • This was the American film debut for Hungarian singer Martha Eggerth - she made two more films in America
  • Working titles for the film include 'Me And My Gal' and 'The Big Time'

Awards and nominations

  • Academy Award nomination for Best Score 
  • National Board of Review Award for Best Actor (Gene Kelly)

Closing remarks

This is the first time I had seen 'For Me & My Gal'. I had high expectations, and was severely let down. The only thing worth watching in this film are the musical numbers listed above. 'For Me & My Gal' is  the most boring Judy Garland film I've ever seen, and possibly the most boring MGM musical I've ever seen. That said, surprisingly it was a big hit when initially released.


  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. You're welcome. Have you seen this film before?