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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Pilot #5 - Star of the month... Gene Kelly

'Pilot #5' is a 1943 propaganda war drama directed by George Sydney and starring Franchot Tone, Marsha Hunt, Gene Kelly and Van Johnson.

When five pilots volunteer to fly the only remaining plane to bomb a Japanese aircraft carrier, the Dutch Commander Major Eichel (played by Steven Geray) must choose a suitable candidate. Pilot #5 George Collins (played by Tone) is selected for the dangerous mission. The rest of the film is told in flashback as the remaining four pilots reminisce on their memories of George Collins. 

Did you know...

  • This was Gene Kelly's first non-musical dramatic role
  • Peter Lawford appears briefly at the beginning of the film
  • Ava Garnder is featured as an extra in the film

Closing remarks

Average war propaganda b-film. Fortunately a very short film, it has the ability to entertain but only just. Recommended viewing for fans of Gene Kelly and Van Johnson only.

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