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Monday, 13 August 2012

MGMs 25th Anniversary - Star of the month... Gene Kelly

Judy Garland seated next to Fred Astaire is not paying
attention to the camera
'MGMs 25th Anniversary' is a short film documenting, you guessed it, MGM's 25th anniversary banquet lunch.

It is primarily made up of the various MGM stars eating, with a short speech by Louis B. Mayer.

Some of the highlights for me include:

  • Ava Gardner & Clark Gable smoking in every shot in which they are shown
  • Ann Miller swapping seats with Agnes Moorehead, to sit next to her dear friend Jules Munshin
  • Claude Jarmin Jr. with a big smile on face as he drinks something - I have a suspicion there may be something alcoholic in that glass, hence the cheeky smile
  • Lena Horne looking awkward sitting next to Katharine Hepburn
  • Mario Lanza chatting up Vivian Leigh, while Angela Lansbury sits next to him stuffing her face with food
  • Errol Flynn & Greer Garson, fresh off the set of 'That Forsyte Woman' are looking rather cosy and inseparable
  • Jimmy Durante seated with Ava Gardner & Clark
    Gable - Notice Agnes Moorehead, Ann Miller  &
    Jules Mushin behind them
  • The closing shot of Lassie
Some of the other classic stars featured include Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Betty Garrett, Leon Ames, Fred Astaire, Wallace Beery, Katharine Grayson, Jimmy Durante, Howard Keel, James Whitmore, and many more.

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