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Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Lion Roars Again (1976) - Star of the month... Gene Kelly

'The Lion Roars Again' is a 1976 short documentary film designed to promote upcoming MGM releases in 1976.  Here is a short mini-blog on the contents of this film.

Summary of the film

  • The short begins with a short press conference, where we are informed "the lion never stopped roaring"
  • From here, we are taken behind the scenes of 'Logan's Run' (1976)
  • We then attend a special 'That's Entertainment, Part 2' (1976) promotional luncheon for the press, hosted by Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire
  • After lunch, there is an announcement for the production of the 'All American Girl', which will feature newcomer Stockard Channing - the film was later known as 'Sweet Revenge' (1976)
  • This is followed by a press dinner for 'The Sunshine Boys' (1976), which is attended by Walter Matthau, George Burns, Richard Benjamin and his wife Paula Prentiss
  • Lastly, we are taken behind the scenes of 'The Wind and the Lion' (1975), with appearances from Candice Bergen, her father Edgar Bergen and Phyllis Diller 

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