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Saturday, 2 June 2012


For my first ever Star of the Month, I have chosen my all time favourite movie star, sex symbol and pop culture icon... Marilyn Monroe

Glamourous... dazzling... legendary... there is and always will be one Marilyn Monroe.
 Born Norma Jean Baker on 1 June 1926 (she would have turned 86 yesterday had she still been alive), Marilyn went on to become one of the most remembered of all movie stars - still notorious now, fifty years after her death.  

The image of Marilyn's white dress blowing up in the wind from The Seven Year Itch is still one of the most iconic and recognisable images, almost 60 years after the film was released. 

The charm of Marilyn Monroe has babbled film enthusiasts for decades, as she was definitely not the most talented actress in Hollywood. I often find I attribute my fondness to Marilyn Monroe in the same as my fondness to Kylie Minogue. Although Kylie is not the best singer, she has something which captivates people. In the same way, although Marilyn was not the best actress she has something which captivates people.

Despite her dumb blonde personal Marilyn was intelligent and had a high IQ.  She was not just a blonde bimbo who starred in musicals and comedies. She had a number of dramatic roles which proved she could act. This can be seen in  films such as Don't Bother to Know (1951), Niagara (1953), Bus Stop (1956) and The Misfits (1961).

Aside from being able to share with you all my thoughts on Marilyn's classic films, I am genuinely excited about yet again going through my Marilyn film collection. Throughout the next 4 weeks I will do my best to watch the following films, which I've categorised into 5 films themes.

From Norma Jean to Marilyn... Early work

Breakthrough performances

International success... the 20th Century Fox era

Musical Marilyn

Beyond the legend... Final films

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