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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Cruise of the Zaca (1952) - Star birthday... Errol Flynn

Star Birthday - Errol Flynn 

Errol Flynn was born in Tasmania, Australia on 20 June 1909. In the early 1930s he emigrated to America and became of the greatest stars at Warner Bros. during the 1930s and 1940s. Flynn died on 14 October 1959 from a heart attack at the age of 50. 

He is best known for starring in swashbucklers, westerns and his frequent screen pairing with Olivia de Havilland. His most memorable film is The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938).

Flynn as Robin Hood

Recommended viewing

To celebrate Errol Flynn's birthday, I have chosen to blog a short documentary film "Cruise of the Zaca", which Flynn directed, narrated and starred in.

Cruise of the Zaca (1952)

'Cruise of the Zaca' is a short documentary film directed, narrated and featuring Errol Flynn. 

The film begins as Errol Flynn takes a group of marine scientists from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography of the University of California on a research expedition to the South Seas, aboard his schooner the Zaca.
The passengers include Dr Carl L. Hubbs, his wife Laura Hubbs, Errol's father Theodore Flynn (billed as Professor Thomson Flynn of Ireland) and Errol's former wife, Nora Eddington.

What I like about this film, is it is a rare opportunity to see Errol Flynn as the true adventurer and sea enthusiast.

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