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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Ladies of the Chorus (1951)

Star of the month... Marilyn Monroe

"Every baby needs a da-da-daddy to keep her worry free... could my da-daddy be you?"

'Ladies of the Chorus' (1948) is a Columbia Pictures low-budget b-grade musical directed by Phil Karlson and features Marilyn Monroe in her first major role as Peggy Martin.

Peggy Martin is a burlesque star who falls for a wealthy man, Randy Carroll (played by Rand Brooks). Her mother Mae Martin (played by Adele Jergens) is concerned about the class difference and whether Peggy will be happy with Rand. 

This film was made as part of Marilyn's 6 month contract with Columbia Pictures, and as the film was not a success, her contract with Columbia was not renewed.

Musical program

Marilyn sings "Anyone Can See I Love You", "Every Baby Needs a Da Da Daddy" and "Ladies of the Chorus".

Song: "Every Baby Needs a Da Da Daddy" - Marilyn Monroe

Song: "Anyone Can See I Love You" - Marilyn Monroe

Did you know...
  • This movie was filmed in just 10 days 
  • Adele Jergens (playing Marilyn's mother Mae) was only 9 years older than Marilyn
  • This film features Marilyn Monroe's first onscreen kiss
  • After Marilyn became a star, the film was released in November 1952 - Columbia redesigned the opening title credits to play Marilyn's name over the film title, above Adele Jergens, who was originally billed first
  • Actor Eddie Garr is the father of Terri Garr

Closing remarks

This is the first time I had seen this film, and I really enjoyed it, despite it's predictable storyline. Recommended for fans of Marilyn. Jergens and Monroe are great as mother/daughter burlesque chorines.

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