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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Let's Make it Legal (1951)

Star of the Month... Marilyn Monroe

The stars of the film MacDonald Carey, Marilyn Monroe,
Zachary Scott and Claudette Colbert have a run in on the
dance floor
'Let's Make it Legal' is a 1951 comedy starring Claudette Colbert, Macdonald Carey, Zachary Scott, Barbara Bates, Robert Wagner and Marilyn Monroe

It tells the story of Hugh and Miriam Halsworth (played by Carey and Colbert), whose divorce is about to become final. Their daughter, still in denial about the divorce does all she can to try to reunite them, however this becomes a more challenging task when her mother's former boyfriend, Victor Macfarland (played by Scott) returns to town after 20 years.

Marilyn Monroe appears in a small but memorable role as Joyce Mannering, a blonde gold digger looking to marry a wealthy man.

Anti-divorce propaganda

In the early 1950s divorce levels began to rise in America. This film can be seen as an anti-divorce film of the time, designed to motivate separated couples to reunite.

Significance of the rose bushes

As a viewer of the film I found Hugh's rose bushes to be a significant metaphor of the story. Despite being separated, Hugh still loiters around his former home and is determined to protect his beloved rose bushes. The rose bushes can be viewed as a metaphor between the relationship between Hugh and Miriam. As Miriam and Victor become closer, Hugh finds his rose bushes are beginning to become threatened.

Closing remarks

'Let's Make it Legal' is an enjoyable b-comedy to watch. The only negative thing I can say is Marilyn's role is simply not long enough.

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