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Monday, 11 June 2012

Every Sunday (1936)

Star Birthday... Judy Garland's 90th Birthday

Judy Garland was born Frances Ethel Gumm on 10 June 1922. She began as part of a singing trio with her sisters, The Gumm Sisters. Film studio MGM featured The Gumm Sisters in some musical short films, where the youngest sister (Judy) began to stand out. 

In 1936, Judy was featured in the musical short film Every Sunday, with Deanna Durbin. MGM was impressed with Judy's performance, they decided to keep her on contract. For the rest of Judy's early career she was cast in a number of low budget black and white musicals, such as Everybody Sing (1938) and Listen, Darling (1938). In 1939, history was made when Judy was cast as Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz, after MGM were unable to lease Shirley Temple from FOX. This led to Judy becoming one of MGMs biggest stars.

Throughout the years, Judy was not satisfied with her appearance, and often felt she was fat and ugly. She became reliant on anti-depressants which impacted her ability to attend work each day. MGM tired of Judy's bad behaviour fired her in 1950, while she was filming Annie, Get Your Gun

Judy Garland became one of Hollywood's biggest tragedies after dying from an accidental overdose of sleeping pills on 22 June 1969 at age 47. 

I have chosen a rather unusual film for my blog, with Judy's first MGM film Every Sunday (1936). The film runs for just over 10 minutes, and is available to watch on YouTube (refer to the link below). 

Recommended viewing

Every Sunday

'Every Sunday' (1936) is an MGM short film featuring a young Judy Garland and Deanna Durbin. The film was intended to be a screen test for the young actresses, who both went on to become major stars.

It is the story of two girls Edna (played by Durbin) and Judy (played by Garland), who attempt to save a public concert series from being cancelled due to poor attendance.

Although the film runs approx. 10 minutes, the film is a significant entry in Judy Garland's filmography as it was her first screen appearance with MGM.

Watch the film on YouTube:

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