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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Spotlight on 'Royalty on Film' throughout June 2012

Laurence Olivier in 'Henry V' (1944)

Some are born great, and some achieve greatness, whereas others have greatness thrust upon them.

Olivia De Havilland & Errol Flynn in
'The Private Lives of Elizabeth & Essex' (1939)
The Student Prince (1954)
2012 is the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. Considered to be a once in a lifetime event, I thought I would take the opportunity to appreciate some classic films which have a royal theme. 

From Greta Garbo's enchanting performance as Queen Christina of Sweden to both of Bette Davis' portrayals of Queen Elizabeth, I will explore characters of royalty in films from the 1930s to the 1950s.

Princess O'Rourke (1943)
The "royal themed" films I will endeavour to watch throughout June include:

Be not afraid of greatness, as fliXposed celebrates the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with Spotlight on... Royalty on Film, throughout June 2012.

Young Bess (1953)

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