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Friday, 30 November 2012

In the Cool of the Day (1968) - Star of the month... Angela Lansbury

'In the Cool of the Day' is a 1968 drama starring Peter Finch, Jane Fonda, Angela Lansbury, Arthur Hill, Nigel Davenport and Constance Cummings.

Sam has begun drinking after his wife Christine (played by Fonda) leaves him. Shortly after Christine meets Sam's friend, Murray (played by Finch), who is having problems with his wife Sybil
(played by Lansbury). Eventually Murray and Christine become lovers.

Family relationships

Christine does not have a good relationship with her mother. Shortly after seeing her mother at a restaurant, Christine tells Murray: "She's everything I'm afraid I might be: selfish and unloving". Additionally she is concerned she is beginning to look and sound like her mother.

Murray does not have a good relationship with his wife, Sibyl. She blames him for an accident which left her face scarred and caused the death of their son. She tells Murray "I know you don't like being reminded of it, but you are responsible you know". This constant reminder leads Murray to later tell Christine he feels responsible for what happened. Sybil is also very self conscious "I hate being stared at". Surprisingly Sybil agrees to travel to Greece with Murray & Christine. To obscure her face, Sylbil wears a hat with a veil. Whilst in Greece, Sybil suspects there is some attraction between Christine & Murray. Sybil tells Murray: "I don't even think she's pretty. She's thin as a bean".

Musical program

  • Title song "In the Cool of the Day" sung by Nat King Cole
  • Sybil listens to Judy Garland's recording of "Something Over the Rainbow"

Closing remarks

Average drama, which at times is a little slow. Angela Lansbury delivers a great performance, as does  Jane Fonda, who seems to resemble Cleopatra with her hairstyle & long fringe.

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