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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Tenth Avenue Angel (1948) - Star of the month... Angela Lansbury

"I don't know what to believe. I don't know who to believe. Everybody lies to me, even the ones I love the most" - Margaret O'Brien (as Flavia Mills in 'Tenth Avenue Angel')

'Tenth Avenue Angel' is a 1948 drama directed by Roy Rowland and starring Margaret O'Brien, Angela Lansbury, George Murphy, Phyllis Thaxter, Warner Anderson, Rhys Williams, Barry Nelson and Connie Gilchrist.

The story opens in 1936, where a young girl, Flavia Mills (played by O'Brien) lives with her parents and Aunt Susan (played by Lansbury). When Aunt Susan's boyfriend Steve (played by Murphy) is released from prison, Flavia is told he was travelling the world. To help her overcome her fear of mice, Flavia's mother tells her mice are good luck and turn into money. In an attempt to make some money during the depression, Flavia begins catching mice with the hope they'll turn into money.
After finding out the truth of a number of white lies told by her family and friends, Flavia finds it difficult knowing who and what to believe.

Did you know...

  • Although the film wasn't released until February 1948, it was predominately filmed from March to May 1946, with retakes shot in April 1947

Closing remarks

Whenever I think about my favourite child stars, the first person I think of is little Margaret O'Brien. There was something about O'Brien's dramatic style which I find heartwarming and moving. This film is no "Meet me in St. Louis" (1944), but still worth watching for Margaret O'Brien. A heartwarming family Christmas themed movie.

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