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Friday, 30 November 2012

We Haven't Really Met Properly (2005) - Star of the month... Angela Lansbury

'We Haven't Really Met Properly' is a 2005 video essay discussing the stars of The Wizard of Oz' (1939)

Narrated by Angela Lansbury, we are introduced to:
- the great Frank Morgan
- Ray Bolger
- Bert Lahr
- Jack Haley
- the beautiful Billie Bourke
- Margaret Hamilton
- Charley Grapewin
- Clara Blandick
- Terry the Dog (who played Toto)

An interesting documentary which has lots of interesting trivia, including:
- W.C. Fields was almost cast as The Wizard Of Oz
- Ray Bolger almost turned down appearing in 'The Wizard of Oz' as he was originally offered the role of Tin Man

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  1. Glinda was played by Billie Burke. Angela Lansbury was only fourteen years old in 1939 ~